Mitglieder des ATTC



The ATTC – Austrian Traffic Telematics Cluster was established at the initiative of ASFINAG in 2003 as an association for the promotion of telematics. In the interests of the Austrian economy, this group of 28 leading Austrian research, commercial and industrial companies has set itself the goal of furthering the development and practical application of new technologies in the field of telematics systems for traffic infrastructure.


The ATTC’s key focuses in this are


  • acting as a think tank and cooperation platform for its members,
  • promoting the development of needs-oriented products for future traffic telematics demands, and
  • supporting the development of innovative technologies and their application to increase the attractiveness and capacity of Austria’s transport infrastructure so that it can successfully handle future traffic flows.

To attain its objectives,


  • the ATTC is expanding its network for the development of future telematics technologies
  • the ATTC combines expertise, competence and innovation in the field of telematics,
  • the ATTC promotes interdisciplinary cooperation for the implementation of joint projects, and the ATTC actively engages in dialog with politicians, international scientists and experts.

The work of the ATTC


  • offers a platform for coordinated national and international activities,
  • creates a sphere of interaction between operators, system providers and university research and education,
  • enables the creation of new, attractive jobs for specialists, and
  • facilitates the realization of innovative projects that provide direct benefits to transport users