As a telematics platform, the ATTC is developing new technologies to optimize traffic content at the transition points between the main and surface road networks in Austria as part ofthe NOWI 09 project.


In the NOWI project, traffic activity on roads to the S2 and B3 thoroughfares in the north of Vienna is being recorded with sensors. Drivers are provided with a graphical overview of these critical routes.


In addition to color coding the traffic flow (red = traffic jam, yellow = slow-moving traffic, green = no obstructions), the delays on these routes are also calculated. The resulting traffic data is distributed via radio (RDS-TMC), mobile communications and the Internet. Drivers can react in advance to the current traffic conditions and select a better route when necessary. High-quality content combined with service-oriented information helps to manage traffic and facilitates the optimal use of the road infrastructure. Alongside the provinces of Vienna and Lower Austria and the ITS Vienna Region, the ÖAMTC motor club, the Austrian Broadcasting Corporation, Mobilkom and ASFINAG play key roles in the project.
ASFINAG provides the sensors for the NOWI project.


The traffic system is to be presented to the public in the first half of 2009, at which point it will enter normal operation.


Project management: ORF